Finally, a solution for your APIs to play nice together.

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*(Basic, Serial Port, oAuth 1.0 Header, oAuth 1.0 Query, oAuth 2 GET, oAuth 2 POST) mash

Datadipity is a structured data layer for web connected objects and services.

  • Publish

    Add an API into our system with an easy to use API wizard. Once integrated dashboard can combine hundreds of APIs to create new API functions.

  • mash

    Combining APIs can be a chore. That includes connecting multiple API formats together into an app. Datadipity has a tool for combining any data with ease! Drop in any of your functions using our quick editor and mashup thousands of APIs.

  • mash

    Use Datadipity to create a common structure for all your APIs. Save an API mapping to reapply front-end logic to multiple APIs. Create infinite app possibilities for web connected objects and services by formatting all data into a unified API standard.

  • Publish

    Any restructured API or mashup can be expressed as a JSON and XML API endpoint. Any API can be structured into your own front-end logic. Publish your API publicly for other developers, or keep it private, the choice is yours.

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